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    S-Type Load Cells 200kg~5000kg

    The products is applied with "S" appearance, high accuracy, good stability and made of best alloy steel. This product is suitable for hock balance, burden balance, building machinery fields and so on.

    HBM Load Cell

    S-Type Tension Load Cells 50~500kg

    This type is made with double girder, high precision and easy installation; It can be equipped with rod-end joint bearing  subassembly.

    Compression Shear Beam Load Cell

    mt SDF sype Compression Single Ended Load Cell 500kg~3000kg

    This kind of strain gauge load cell is constructed with alloy steel ,Silicon sealed.Compact design, Two kinds of accessories;Adustable support feet and tumble support.  It can interchange with the SBF type of TOLEDO loadcell.

    Hopper Scale Load Cell

    Shear Beam Load Cell 500kg~3t

    Combined with tumbler or pressure head, high precision, super anti-side force, super availability, can be used in electronic platform scale with single or double platform.

    Top Table Scale Load Cell

    Aluminum Single Point Load Cell 3kg,6kg,10kg,15kg,20kg,30kg,40kg,50kg

    High accuracy single point load cells is easy to mounting and widely used to pricing scale ,platform scale etc.

    Bench scale Indicator

    Floor Scale Indicator

    Weighing Indicator RM3198-A1 adopts fast speed, high precision A/D conversion technology and special anti-vibration software technology, widely applied in electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale, mechanic-electronic conversion scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~4 load cell.

    Size: (L)259x(W)175x(H)150 mm

    Belt scales load cells

    MTB Bending Load Cells For Hopper Scales 50kg~500kg

    Batching scale load cell is constucted with stainless steel material in high accuracy,Tesion or compression force measurement. It can interchange with the MTB type of TOLEDO loadcell.

    Silo Scale Sensor

    SNG Silo Scale Load Cells 15t, 20t

    Construction machinery load cell is widely used in concrete plants, which is high precision with cheap price. It can interchange with the SNG  type of TOLEDO loadcell.

  • Load cell

    300kg-3000kg Platform Scale Load Cell

    This single ended shear beam load cells are designed in high accuracy  and could completely be matched to Toledo load cell.
  • China Load Cell

    Bench Scale Load Cell 40kg,60kg,100kg,200kg,350kg

    Aluminum load cell in high precision is applied to pricing scales and counting scales.This kind of table top scale load cell is recommended to the platform scale size :400*400mm.
  • High Accuracy Load Cells

    Single Point Load Cell 500kg,60kg,100kg,300kg,200kg,600kg,800kg

    High accuracy cheap bench platform scale load cells ,Recommended platform size 600*600.
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    Load Cell Characteristics   Rated Output (R.O.) 2.5 mV/V ±20% Capacity (CAP) 25 lbs Safe Overload 200% of CAP Zero Balance ±3% of R.O. Excitation (Vdc or Vac) 5 VDC Max Bridge Resistance 350 Ohm Nom Nonlinearity ±0.5% of R.O. Hysteresis ±0.5% of R.O. Nonrepeatability ±0.25% of R.O. Temp Shift Zero ±0.02% of R.O./°F Temp Shift Span, +60°to +160°F ±0.04% of Load/°F Temp Shipt Span, -40°to +60°F ±0.07% of Load/°F Compensated Temperature -40° to +160°F Operating Temperature -65° to +200°F Load Cell Body Material 17-4 PH S.S. Potting Material Silicone Cable Specifications   Insulation Material .002" Thick Polyimide Stiffener Material .007" Thick Polyimide Conductors 4x 2 oz Copper, .028" Wide, Tin/Lead HASL Finish Temperature Rating -60°F to 200°F
  • Miniature sensors

    Miniature sensors-25lb

    Miniature sensors are mainly applied to robots, micro-mechanical equipment, special machines
  • Miniature sensors

    Miniature sensors-20kg

    Miniature sensors are mainly applied to robots, micro-mechanical equipment, special machines
  • Miniature sensors


    Miniature sensors are mainly applied to robots, micro-mechanical equipment, special machines
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