Metal Materials and Characteristic Analysis of Elastic Elements of Load Cells

2019-09-30 16:53:18

1.Overview Strain gauge load cells are technology-intensive and skill-intensive high-tech products with diversity, marginality, comprehensiveness and technicality. They require multiple disciplines in the design and manufacturing process, multi-technology cooperation and support technology, basic technology, core technology, scientific application and integration of special processes.  The mo...

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The influence of Asphalt Concrete Pavement on Dynamic weighing performance

2019-09-06 17:08:07

1. The introduction of dynamic truck scale 1.1 Type: At present, we can see that there are four main types of dynamic electronic truck scales: complete vehicle type, axle weight type, bending plate type and quartz crystal type. Only when the “complete vehicle type” is weighing, the whole vehicle stays on the carrier, while when “axle weight type”, “bending plate type” and “quartz crystal type” are...

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The Analysing About Installation Of Electronic Truck Scale

2017-11-13 09:31:05

Electronic truck scale commonly known as weighbridge, is used for weighing bulk cargo equipment. Its high precision, good stability, easy to operate, with the computer, weighing management software weighing management system to achieve long-distance transmission of weighing and centralized automation and management, so the company's incoming and outgoing cargo weighing has been widely used . Due t...

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