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    S-Type Load Cells 200kg~5000kg

    The products is applied with "S" appearance, high accuracy, good stability and made of best alloy steel. This product is suitable for hock balance, burden balance, building machinery fields and so on.

    HBM Load Cell

    S-Type Tension Load Cells 50~500kg

    This type is made with double girder, high precision and easy installation; It can be equipped with rod-end joint bearing  subassembly.

    Compression Shear Beam Load Cell

    mt SDF sype Compression Single Ended Load Cell 500kg~3000kg

    This kind of strain gauge load cell is constructed with alloy steel ,Silicon sealed.Compact design, Two kinds of accessories;Adustable support feet and tumble support.  It can interchange with the SBF type of TOLEDO loadcell.

    Hopper Scale Load Cell

    Shear Beam Load Cell 500kg~3t

    Combined with tumbler or pressure head, high precision, super anti-side force, super availability, can be used in electronic platform scale with single or double platform.

    Top Table Scale Load Cell

    Aluminum Single Point Load Cell 3kg,6kg,10kg,15kg,20kg,30kg,40kg,50kg

    High accuracy single point load cells is easy to mounting and widely used to pricing scale ,platform scale etc.

    Bench scale Indicator

    Floor Scale Indicator

    Weighing Indicator RM3198-A1 adopts fast speed, high precision A/D conversion technology and special anti-vibration software technology, widely applied in electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale, mechanic-electronic conversion scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~4 load cell.

    Size: (L)259x(W)175x(H)150 mm

    Belt scales load cells

    MTB Bending Load Cells For Hopper Scales 50kg~500kg

    Batching scale load cell is constucted with stainless steel material in high accuracy,Tesion or compression force measurement. It can interchange with the MTB type of TOLEDO loadcell.

    Silo Scale Sensor

    SNG Silo Scale Load Cells 15t, 20t

    Construction machinery load cell is widely used in concrete plants, which is high precision with cheap price. It can interchange with the SNG  type of TOLEDO loadcell.

  • The executives of Ruima company met with Aibee founder &CEO Lin Yuanqing

    The executives of Ruima company met with Aibee founder &CEO Lin Yuanqing


    The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated, and the new journey has already begun! On the third day of the lunar month, Ruima Chairman Lin Jintian and Assistant Lin Fa, R&D Department Zhu Jianqiang, Technical Department Li Junye, Marketing Department Li Xia and two other investors together met Mr. Lin Yuanqing, founder and CEO of Aibee. On January 16th,2018, Aibee, the industry upgrade AI overall solution company established by Lin Yuanqing, announced that he had obtained 165 million yuan in angel round of financing. This news became a hot topic in the science and technology community. Everyone is concerned not only about the amount of financing, but also the founder of this company, Lin Yuanqing, the top expert in artificial intelligence. Lin Yuanqing was formerly the dean of the former Baidu Research Institute, holds a master's degree in optical engineering from Tsinghua University and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and is the head of the media analysis department of the NEC American Laboratory. He has many years of research experience in machine learning and computer vision and other research fields. The remarkable results led the team to achieve the first international test of important computer vision technologies in the world, winning in the “Most Powerful Brain” man-machine competition. Lin Yuanqing said that the reason why he joined Aibee is to see the broad application prospects of artificial intelligence in education, finance, retail, real estate and other industries. He said that in 2018, it will also be a year for AI to grow rapidly. Like the Internet around 2000, the whole team was founded with strong urgency. This time, he also has to seize the opportunity of AI and open new ones. In terms of business model, Lin Yuanqing believes that Aibee has broken the limitations of traditional single technologies and integrated multiple technologies such as image recognition, voice recognition, and computer vision. In terms of marketing, it starts from the point of industry demand, but he said that he will not make a customized solution for a company, not AI to Company, but AI to Industry. On the team side, Lin Yuanqing thinks that in order to adapt to the needs of the "multi-point technology" program in the industry, the composition of the team must be "diversified." Therefore, in Aibee's recruitment positions, computer vision, data analysis, voice intelligence, CV, etc. The development of AI has been done, and it is an office across Beijing and Silicon Valley. Lin Yuanqing expressed his great appreciation for the investors' recognition of their ideas and gave them great support. He and his team will firmly seize this important historical window, boldly invest and quickly attack. The area covered by the AI is very broad, and the unmanned shelf closely connects the AI and the weighing instrument. Weighing sensors are the core components of electronic weighing instruments...

  • What kind of Internet of Things do the weighing industry need? ——Reflections from the 2017 China Internet of Things Conference

    What kind of Internet of Things do the weighing industry need? ——Reflections from the 2017 China Internet of Things Conference


    Recently, on behalf of Ruima Electric, the author participated in the 2017 China IoT Conference held in Fuzhou. He had the privilege of listening to dozens of wonderful speeches by senior executives, experts, scholars and professors of the Internet-related industries. Below, the author will summarize some of the new information related to this conference and the weighing industry, as well as the author's thinking, for your peer reference.   1、The scale of the Internet of Things industry Zhu wan, deputy director of the Information Technology and Software Services Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, stated that China's Internet of Things industry system is taking shape and the scale of the Internet of Things industry has jumped from 1.7 billion yuan in 2009 to more than 930 billion yuan in 2016. Zhu Wan said that China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain in terms of chips, sensors, terminal equipment, application software, system integration, and communications networks, and deployed more than 100 million M2M terminals based on the world's largest mobile communications network.   According to the theme report of the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu he quan , in the major areas of global industrial IIT industry spending in 2016, manufacturing accounted for 178 billion U.S. dollars (including manufacturing operations, 102.5 billion U.S. dollars, production asset management and maintenance, on-site service), and transportation accounted for 78 billion U.S. dollars (including 55.9 billion U.S. dollars in supply chain monitoring, transportation tracking), utilities accounted for 69 billion U.S. dollars (communications system, IT security, smart grid 57.8 billion U.S. dollars, healthcare, smart cities), and others (aerospace, energy) Mining, agriculture). It can be seen from this that the Internet of Things is a trillion-scale industry, of which the most important benefit and profit belongs to the manufacturing industry, and the weighing industry is among them.   the promotion of NB-IoT technology The Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is based on a cellular network and only consumes about 180KHz of bandwidth. It can be deployed directly on GSM networks, UMTS networks, or LTE networks to reduce deployment costs and achieve smooth upgrades. . To this end, the industry chain began researching a few years ago using narrowband LTE technology to carry IoT connections. After several changes in name and technology evolution, in September 2015, 3GPP formally named this technology as NB-IoT. At MWC2016, the NB-IoT made its debut, and it attracted the attention of the industry. Operators and equipment vendors have been sponsoring and endorsing their platforms.   On June 16, 2016, the 72nd meeting of the 3GPP RAN Plenum in Busan, South Korea, was successfully completed. NB-IoT is an important issue for 3GPP R13. The relevant contents of the 3GPP protocol have been approved by th...

  • Ruima Carrying D-8001 electronic balance Attend the second Weighing Products Exhibition Summit of Guandong

    Ruima Carrying D-8001 electronic balance Attend the second Weighing Products Exhibition Summit of Guandong


    September 10, the Second Guangdong Weighing Products Exhibition Summit, in Dongguan Wanjiang Niluo River Hotel,was held as schedule. This is the second time for the regional weighing instrument exchange meetin,After the First Weighing Instrument Exchange Meeting of Guandong Province was held at Apr,23th.During the pleasant weather of early Autumn in September,We gathered in Dongguan to push the further integration of the weighing industry resource and promote the its development of Guandong.It is great important significance for "product exchange, resource sharing, sustainable development" . The theme of this exchange show is "show exchange, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation". It attract more than 400 people to participate from about 300 dealers. Different from the past, This scene spot is mainly product display and live promotions. More than 20 exhibitors from Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai and other places are there. Ruima attended this show again with its new developed electronic balance,After we receive the invitation from the sponsor of Hengxiang Director Zhao.  Ruima new electronic balance D-8001 with a new filtering algorithm, adjustable response speed, accurate and stable reading accuracy. The fashional and novelty appearance of the special design concept, break the current balance of the appearance of the image.More importantance, the use of Micro-USB charging interface, the current market popular Andrews USB interface, data lines and adapters can be its power supply with convenient and durability. In addition, the balance also has a super overload protection function and the transport process anti-bump device, all-round protection of the balance sensor.This balance has applied total seven patents for a "USB power interface with a balance" and "a balance tray limit mechanism" .It can be said from the software to the hardware completely independent design, independent research and development. In the scene spot,In order to take the opportunity to thank the new and old customers’long-term support and comminucate and display the products,Ruima make a thankful promotion with 300 pieces of new balances,By the way of buying one and getting two. Many customers came to our booth to consult with our general manager Mr. Li and sales manager Mr.Yang at the first time after knowing about Ruima D-8001 eletronic balance.More and more people poured into Ruima booth and test the balance at the spot.As they test the balance,The customers have expressed great recognition and appreciation of the product.Then the first order 30 pieces was booked.Following a crowd of customer rushed to buy.Ruima booth was surrounded by three layers of three layers.The scene is very hot.And within 2 hours, 300 pieces run out and 500 units were booked.It was far beyond the expectation. Customer recognition is our greatest confirmation, Ruima will try to meet every customer needs. The show continued until 6 pm.During the time the Chinese Weighing Association techni...

  • Mid-2017 Conference of Ruima Electric

    Mid-2017 Conference of Ruima Electric


    In order to comprehensively and objectively review the work of the company in the first half of 2017 and find out the problems encountered in the development of the enterprise, we also conduct a more comprehensive and effective evaluation of the management of the company and study the key tasks of the second half of 2017,Ruima Electric held the mid-2017 working conference in the conference room on August 2.Lin Jintian,the general manager of the company,as well as the department managers, supervisors, workshop staffs’representatives have all attended the meeting. At the meeting, the senior managers of the company contented a detailed report of the completion of the work and the problems of the first half of 2017,as well as the work plans of the second half of the year. The senior management personneled a comprehensive and detailed description of the first half of 2017’s work through examples,data, etc., as well as the work plan of the second half. And objective and in-depth analysis of the existing problems were also carried out during the meeting, while carrying out criticism and self criticism to the existing problems. Through the reports of the senior managers, the overall development of the first half of 2017 was summarized, and the focus of the first half of the year was reviewed from the aspects of product quality, workshop management,procurement management, financial management and sales.The achievements have get affirmative, but also a high sense of crisis and proactivity have set to all the staffs of the company. Subsequently,Lin Jintian,the company general manager,made a summed speech that entitled"Pass the Positive Energy, Cast the Ruima Dream".First,he affirmed the achievements of the various departments in the first half of 2017, as well as the outstanding work of the advanced team and individuals were commended.Then, he pointed out that the development of enterprises needs the positive energy.In the workplace,we must pay attention to adjust ourselves with a positive attitude and stay away from negative emotions.Do not talk about others,complain, grumble, do not slander and slander the company's reputation. We all should pass the positive energy actively, and stay away from negative energy.At the same time,each employee should ask ourselves,can I"Be in the position, think the matter; bear the responsibility,do my best".The attitude do decide everything. No matter what position we are,we must have a good mentality first.The effort you pay and the attitude you take on the work will decide what kind of results you are going to have.Then,Lin stated four instructions on the company's next step development.First,increase equipment investment.Second,increase R&D investment.Third,increase capital investment.Fourth,improve financial norms.At the present,the company has begun to gradually standardize the financial operations.In order to improve brand awareness,standardize corporate governance,and accelerate the development process,the compa...

  • Ruima Electric Manufacturing(Fujian) Co., Ltd. obtained a new invention patent

    Ruima Electric Manufacturing(Fujian) Co., Ltd. obtained a new invention patent


    Recently, an invention patent from Ruima Electric Manufacturing (Fujian) Co., Ltd is authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The invention patent name is "a spectacular grating billboard," and patent number is ZL201410292517.2. Up to now, Ruima Electric has gained 30 patents, 2 software patents, including 2 invention patents, 26 utility model patents, 2 design patents. In addition, the company also has 19 invention patents are being applied, of which 9 invention patents have been in the substantive review stage. Through years of efforts, the company has a certain amount of patents. These patents accumulated motivation for the development of company in the future, further enhance the company's products of science and technology content and improve the enterprise core competitive ability, which provides strong technology support for the development of the company. Since founded in 2006, Ruima Electric has attached great importance to science and technology, intellectual property, patent and other activities, specifically for the establishment of intellectual property management department, with full-time management personnel and the corresponding system. At the same time continue to introduce high-end technical personnel in the industry, strengthen the enterprise research and development and encourage employees to product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation, and make the patent incentives, which motivate technicians to declare the enthusiasm of technological achievements. The company will carry out related intellectual property training every year to strengthen the staff's patent protection awareness. In addition, we will strengthen cooperation with universities to make great contributions to the development of the company. With the joint efforts of independent R&D and cooperative R&D, the company achieves patent results. Using patented technology to improve the production process, the production efficiency and the product quality, effectively convert the patented technology into the product and then realize the transformation of the patent technology.

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